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Artist, Musician, and Designer in Bern, Schweiz

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The project Mathon is named after the same-titled place located in the Swiss Alps. For the period of one week a mobile soundstudio is installed for recording high up in the swiss mountains and guest are invited to join the musicians. The resulting soundscapes are produced afterwards in various studios and added with thematical visuals for performances. The electronic expression of the tracks developed into an electro-acoustic world of sound, receiving its impulse from the landscapes arround them in the swiss alps and the Via Mala valley.

Since 2005 constant members are Thomas Augustiny, Roger Stucki und Pete Leuenberger. The three musicians bring their different roots into the project, with the aim to create a homogenuos electro-acoustic soundscape. For every session guest musicians are invited to join the recordings. The basic concept of this project is to create cinematic music with the potential to redefine indivually the sound while listening to it. Thereby, the original definition of ambient music provides an essential understanding: space becomes music and music generates space.

Guests: Niels Hesse (Elektrohandel), Markus Koller (Starfrosch), Serge Stauffer (Atelier101), Roger Guntern (Visuals), Ronny Spiegel (Musiqueenroute), vj Mag (Magdesign), Matu Hügli (Everest), Maurice de Martin (Zeitkratzer), Maria Capelli, Nicolas Kellner, Sebastian Petitat and Florence Melnotte, Meienberg, Emanuele di Raymondi, Emanuele Errante, Strotter Inst., Etoy and many more...

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